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    X50 Element 10µm Triple R

    Triple R
    Ø143 x H114 mm
    x50 element 10µm triple r
    x50 element 10µm triple r 0
    x50 element 10µm triple r 1
    x50 element 10µm triple r 2
    Triple R filter elements are designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues. 3 in 1, all within a single element - a Triple R unique, unmatched by any filter manufacturer worldwide.  
    • LONG LIFE filter element for engine oil.
    • Special cellulose filter medium that allows higher dirt absorbing.
    • Perfect for HIGH VISCOSITY oil (220 - 320 - 460 cSt oil)

    The filter design forces the oil to flow through 114mm of engineered filter media and creates 3 distinct stages of filtration. The lower part is compressed by a carton box, creating an even finer filter medium.
    1. Big particles stay on top of the element.
    2. Smaller particles are captured in the upper non-compressed part.
    3. The smallest particles are captured in the lower compressed part
    As big particles are retained on top, the filter becomes an excellent diagnostic tool.
    The cellulose filter media absorbs water drops and consequently dries the oil to less than 100 ppm.
    The industry thickest filter, 114mm to flow trough, combined with Triple R's filter media, results in the unique ability for absorbing and removing oil oxidation residues, well known as sludge, or varnish deposits.
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    Technical specifications: 
    5µ absolute - ß5 >75
    Model: X50
    Article nr.: TR-25350
    Dimensions: Ø143xH114 mm
    Triple R Filter System:

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