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    Big Clear Housing DP Mono 20" - 1" 1/2 Plastic BSP w/2 manometers & discharge valve

    Atlas Filtri
    L:802xW:190xD:185 mm
    big clear housing dp mono 20   1 1/2 plastic bsp w/2 manometers  discharge valve
    big clear housing dp mono 20   1 1/2 plastic bsp w/2 manometers  discharge valve 0
    big clear housing dp mono 20   1 1/2 plastic bsp w/2 manometers  discharge valve 1
    DP BIG S M MONO clear housings with discharge valve and 2 manometers
    WATER FILTERS DP BIG ARE HOUSINGS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR CARTRIDGES SX (DOE) WITH EXTERNAL DIAMETER OF 4.5”. Thanks to the IN/OUT connections 1” and 1”1/2 with plastic thread GAS cylindrical (BSP) or conical type (NPT), the DP BIG adapt to any large capacity filtration requirement for home and industrial uses.
    The DP BIG water filters are supplied with an opaque or transparent bowl 10” and 20” height and available in the versions MONO, DUO and TRIO, for a filtration sequence in series and single-block manifolds, without the risk of water losses.
    Besides the standard models, the housings for DP BIG filters are also available in the versions:
    • M with manometers even in the multi-stage versions
    • S kit complete with drain
    • SM with manometers and drain kit
    • PS PM with caps on heads and bowls that are prepared for manometers and drain valve
    The DP BIG S and SM can be used with KIT AUTO for automating the drain valve and, upon request, supported by a complete set of accessories. The constant application of advanced technologies has brought Atlas Filtri to respond innovatively to market requirements: for this reason the cartridge filter housings DP BIG are solutions patented at the international level. 
    • Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
    • Suitable for different types of filtration, even multi-stage
    • Resistance to chemical agents
    • Maximum control with manometers
    • Easy maintenance with drain funnel
    • Easy and quick installation
    • Great versatility
    • Wide range of accessories
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    Technical specifications:
    Max working pressure: 8,3 bar (120 psi)
    Max working temperature: 45°C (113°F)
    Min working temperature: 4°C (39,2°F)
    Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water.
    Head: reinforced polypropylene.
    Clear bowl: PET.
    Blue bowl: reinforced polypropylene.
    O-ring: EPDM.
    Breather-valve: body polypropylene, o-ring EPDM.
    Manometers: radial type, pressure range 0-12 bar, 0-170 psi.
    Discharge ball-valve: CW 617 N brass nickel plated.
    Drain funnel: reinforced polypropylene.

    Suitable Cartridge: 20"
    In/Out: 1"1/2
    Dimensions (mm)
    A: 802
    B: 190
    C: 185 
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