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    Triple Filter Housing System 20" 3/4" in / out

    triple filter housing system 20 3/4 in / out
    triple filter housing system 20 3/4 in / out 0
    Economic Filter Housing Systems
    Pre-assembled, off -the-shelf filter cartridge housing systems make installation easie and reduce labour costs significantly.
    These stylish systems come complete with WRAS approved housings, pressure gauges on inlet and outlet, coated brackets and a spanner for undoing the  lter bowls.

    The housings are manufactured using polypropylene to ensure no leaching into the filtrate and the double and triple standard or BB systems are available with pressure release buttons to remove air pockets after install and during system purges. Bevelled threads on the head to bowl connection ensure easy opening and closing as well as making a watertight seal in conjunction with each housing’s Buna-N O-ring.

    Pressure gauges are provided on the inlet and the outlet of each system to indicate the pressure drop across the system and can help measure when the  lter cartridges need replacing. The gauges and connections are all sealed in place and the housings mounted on the bracket with durable screws. 
    • Constructed using WRAS approved, FDA and PED 97/23/EC compliant housings
    • Systems come equipped with pressure gauges, mounting bracket and spanner
    • Accepts double open ended (DOE) filter cartridges, as well as the internal O-ring seal of the CG fitting for increased security
    • Systems are available in a range of sizes, including large diameter 10" and 20" lengths, allowing for flexibility to deal with large capacity filtration requirements
    • All systems comes pre-assembled to make installation easier and significantly reduce labour costs
    • General incoming water filtration
    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Electrical applications
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    Technical Specifications:
    Model: EFHS-PK-3-20-3/4
    Port Size ("): ¾
    Height (mm): 622
    Widht (mm): 384
    Depth (mm): 170 
    Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 52
    Maximum Operating Pressure (bar): 6.2 
    Media: Polypropylene (Opaque)
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