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BS-LPA-N/M-500-EU Bottlesampler, 500ml

Produktnummer: 9237823

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Bottle Sampling Unit
If a direct particle count on your system is not possible, the PLPC bottle sampler unit allows you to take measurement samples for analysis at a later time.

Conditioning The De-Aeration Facility
A highly aerated fluid may lead to inaccurate results; therefore a de-aeration process has been incorporated into the bottle sampling unit.

By evacuating the air from the sampling chamber, aeration within the fluid is removed, and the fluid is properly conditioned prior to sampling.

The bottle sampler is compatible with Mineral oil and Petroleum based fluids; a phosphate ester (e.g. Skydrol) compatible unit is available on request. Please contact your Distributor or RMF Systems.

Please note that the moisture / temperature sensor does not work in combination with bottle sampler unit.


  • Easy to use
  • De-aeration facility
  • Large sample volume
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