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GreenOil filter w/start & stop, 3x400/440V 50/60Hz

Produktnummer: WP1-P1-1500

inkl. mva.

Complete System for engine lubrication oil

The WP1-P1-1500 system is used for cleaning of engine lubrication oil. This can be used instead of traditional purifier/separator, resulting in many savings and proven benefits. The system removes soot, particles, varnish insoluble, oxidation residues and water in the system.

The filter system is used in the maritime business and other industries to obtain optimal operating reliability and longer lifetime for engines, and

The system comprises of a pump and motor unit
together with a GreenOil deep filter element.

The pump continuously feeds the oil through the filter, where particles and combustion residues are removed. The oil then returns to the system.

All particle filtration is performed using the GreenOil range offilters. This results in having the cleanest possible oil ready for use, including for those applications having very sensitive systems or of high pressure type.
Filter insert is replaced without the use of tools, oil spill or physical contact with the oil.

Ideal for engine applications.

Key Features:

  • Fully replace purifier/separator.
  • Easy and quick filter change with­ out oil spill.
  • No tools required for filter replace­ ment.
  • No physical contact with oil when replacing filter insert.
  • Complete unit in AISI 304 Stainless.
  • A low maintenance system with many benefits.


Technical Data
Filtered oil flow 1300-1560 litres/hour
Oil pressure in, max 1 bar
Oil suction height 6 m
Viscosity 220 cSt
Power supply (VAC-Hz) 3x440-50/60
Power consumption 900 Watt
Connection in 1"-BSPT
Dimensions 660 x 1150 x 441 mm3
Weight 71 kg
Materials AISI 304 Stainless
Number of canisters 4
Canister volume (L) 8
Alarm Option
Panel Standard Local Panel
GreenOil filtersystem, 1000 l/h, 400/440V

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