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Triple R

AL-100 Bypass Oil Cleaner 0-180 cSt at 40°C

Produktnummer: TR-10451

inkl. mva.

Technical specifications:

Model: AL100
Article nr.: TR-10451
Max pressure: 6 bar
Engine oil volume: max 45 lit.
Max. flow rate: 3,8 l/m
Thread In/Out: 1/4’’ x 3/8’’ BSPT
Element Type: E100, X100, D100
Weight (kg): 5,5
Dimension (mm): 206 x 229 x 321


The TR bypass filter connects directly to the engine main gallery, and the cleaned oil is returned to the engine oil pan. Additionally the AL100 are ideal to filter the contaminated diesel fuel, especially for engines using high pressure fuel injection pumps.


  • Very compact and light bypass oil cleaners, specially designed to clean engine oil in a bypass loop; but also a perfect solution to clean diesel fuels.
  • Effectively removes all the particles that are not removed by the conventional filters, and performs a total cleaning of the oil by removing solid particles (carbon, metallic particles) absorbing water and eliminating sludge and other oil oxidation residues.
  • An absolute necessity when running on bio-fuel! Typically the bio-fuel will mix with the engine oil and create resinous substances that will harm the engine, even leading to engine breakdown, and considerably reduce oil life. Triple R will clean the oil, stabilise the oil condition, and consequently avoid and eliminate the creation of resinous substances.
  • Low running cost, easy installation & maintenance.
  • Also applicable for lube systems, gearboxes and machinery with a system pressure below 6 bar. For example: wind mills, transmissions, etc.
Technical data
Flow rate 3.8 l/min
Engine oil volume 30
Thread in 1/4"-BSPT
Thread out 1/4"-BSPT
Element type E100, X100, D1
Number of elements 1
Max pressure pressure relief set at 6 bar
Weight 5.5 kg
Dimension 310 x 230 x 330 mm3
Material Aluminium
Technical specifications
Length 206 mm
Width 229 mm
Min side