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Triple R

Mobile offline filter 230V, incl. on-off switch, sampling port & suct. filter, 5 l/min

Produktnummer: SE-200-MH

inkl. mva.

Following setups and combinations are available on request:

  • for LUBE oil (L)
  • for DIESEL fuel (D)
  • for WATER GLYCOL fluids (W)
  • with 24V motor
  • with 100Vx1 or 200Vx3 motor, 60 Hz
  • ATEX version.

A mobile oil cleaner is  perfect for your service & maintenance activities, or for filtering new fresh oil. We built a very handy mobile rig that can be used for a big variety of applications and service tasks. We can also supply this SE-mobile unit fitted with a automatic Particle Counter.  CONNECT - CHECK - CLEAN!

  • Compact mobile bypass oil cleaner.
  • Ideal maintenance Oil Cleaner in combination with our i-OC Monitoring systems.
  • Low running cost, easy installation & manipulation.
  • Also available with 4 housings or with SS and SU filter housings, for bigger flow rates.
  • Performs 3-in1 Oil Filtration = removing all the particles that are very difficult to remove with full flow filters, and performing absolute Oil Cleaning by removing solid particles, absorbing water and eliminating sludge and oil oxidation residues.


  • Improves productivity and machine reliability.
  • Prevents breakdowns to the hydraulic equipments.
  • Longer life of all hydraulic components, pumps, servo-valves and other equipment.
  • Very important reduction of the oil consumption cost and the resulting waste oil expenses.
  • Discharges the very expensive full flow filters and extends their life (50% - 80% cost saving!).
  • Significant reduction of maintenance expenditures.
Technical data
Flow 5 l/min
Thread in 1/2"-BSPT
Thread out 1/2"-BSPT
Element type Size 100 elements, M, E, X, D and WE series
Number of elements 2
Max pressure pressure relief set at 6 bar
Weight 23 kg
Dimension 471 x 400 x 370 mm3
Material Aluminium
Mobile offline filter incl. on-off switch, sampling port, suct. filter, 9 l/m

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