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Produktnummer: AutoLine-AL

The HiFlux Auto-line© Filter has been designed as a compact, self-cleaning filter. The sturdy construction of the filter makes it well suited for industrial use applications in which operational reliability and dependability are essential. This includes filtering of most fluids, including process water, cooling water, wastewater, colours, lacquers, adhesives, polymers, etc., in which effective pre-filtration and final filtration at a range of 30-2000 microns is required.

The filtration prinsipal is based on a screen where the solid particles are held back in the inside of the filter element.
in the cleaning process linear or rotating blades ensures that the solid particles does not attach on the inside and instead are sent to the bottom, where they are held in a chamber which can drained. The blades can be automaticaly activated by differential pressure or to fixed time intervals.

The drainage of the concentrated solid particles is done through a drain valve in the bottom of the filter. This is done with a electrical or pneumatic steering system, which ensures low product spillage. Drainage can also be done manually in cases where drainage is only necessary between batches.

General Numbers
Capacity 4,5-729 m3/h
Test Pressure According to EN 13445
Max working temperature 80°C -150°C (or according to customer requirements) °C
Max differential pressure 2,5 bar (8 bar) / 3,0 bar bar
Design Pressure 16 bar
Volume 6 - 485 litres
Flange connection Various options
Sludgechamber volume 0,3-22 litres
Power supply 3 x 230/400V, 50 Hz or 240 VAC/50 Hz
Weight 25 - 200 kg
Drain Rp1 (Rp1 ½, Rp2) most common
Filtration Range 0-3000 µm
Air supply 5-7 bar, filtered