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Triple R

BU-30 Bypass Oil Cleaner, Flow ~1,0 l/m

Produktnummer: TR-19450

inkl. mva.

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Technical specifications:

Model: BU-30
Article nr.: TR-19450
Pressure: Max. pressure: 6 bar. Max. pressure flowcontrol (IN) 343 bar. Internal safety opens at 4.5 bar
Flow: ~1,0 l/m
In/Out: 1/4’’ x 1/4’’
Element Type: 30 series, type M - E - X
Nr. of Elements: 1
Weight (kg): 2,5 
Dim. w x h (cm): 14 x 29
Material: BU-30, 50 &100: Aluminium.
Contents: Package contains first (set of) element(s), pressure gauge and mounting bracket

BU Series

The BU Series for hydraulic oil is connected to the installation as a bypass, making use of the available pressure with a maximum up to 343 bar. The system ensures an effective filtering of all dirt particles, moisture and oxidation products (resins) which usually cannot be removed with standard filters. The BU series is available in aluminium (BU-30, 50 & 100) and stainless steel 304 (BU-200 and BU-300). The BU-100, 200 and 300 are also available for use with Water Glycol.

Increases reliability and deployability of machine

  • Extends the life of the oil
  • Extends the life of current filters
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces machine idleness
  • Relieves the environment
Technical data
Flow rate 1 l/min
Thread in 1/4"-BSPT
Thread out 1/4"-BSPT
Element type Size 30 elements, M, E, X series
Number of elements 1
Max pressure Relief valve opens at 4,5 bar
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimension 140 x 120 x 290 mm3
Material Aluminium
BU-50E Bypass Oil Cleaner, Flow ~1,5 l/m

BU-100 Bypass Oil Cleaner, Flow ~2,0 l/m

BU-200 Bypass Oil Cleaner, Flow ~4,0 l/m

BU-300 Bypass Oil Cleaner, Flow ~6,0 l/m

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